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Arrival of the Queen of Sheba-scoreFeatured Artist

Elizabeth Hainen

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Hainen has joined us on Harp Column Music! Hainen has been Principal Harp with the Philadelphia Orchestra for over 20 years and is harp instructor at the Curtis Institute of Music and the Elizabeth Hainen Harp Colony (formerly the Saratoga Harp Colony). She has collaborated with top composers and ensembles around the world in chamber, solo, and orchestral performances and commissions. Most recently, she worked with Beijing Olympics composer Tan Dun to commission the new harp concerto Nu Shu: The Secret Songs of Women. Hainen has just published her four or five harp arrangement of Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba that you can download now. Read more about her at www.elizabethhainen.com.